Wallace Watson Challenge Cup

The Wallace Watson Challenge Cup

The Wallace Watson Challenge Cup is in memory of Wallace Watson (Hopkins’ Social 1995 – 2000), who died in his first year at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, where he was reading Chemistry. It was presented to Radley College at Gaudy 2001 by the Watson family for the winner of the inter-social athletics competition.

The lid to the cup is inscribed with the words:

embrace the challenge
be determined and considerate
wear success lightly

When presenting the cup for the first time, Wallace’s father said

Wallace showed great enthusiasm for athletics and sprinted for the school. However that enthusiasm went well beyond athletics: it was for life.  For him life was a great challenge to be wholeheartedly embraced. To really succeed you had to give it your all and with constancy. The more you gave, the greater the rewards, and those rewards came in all manner of unexpected ways.

 However, fully embracing that challenge takes a great deal of determination, which requires steel, grit …. Life has many setbacks, each one of which provides a new challenge. To succeed in life or in sport you have to be determined to overcome all setbacks and win. When that determination comes with consideration for others, it fortifies success: it makes for real success.

 We all yearn for success. Why? Because it takes us to greater heights. Success that comes with modesty scales greater heights still.

 We ask all those who aspire to win this cup to remember three things: embrace the challenge; be determined whilst at the same time showing consideration for others; and wear success lightly.

 Do this in life, and however short your life may be, it will shine out.