Holders and Lectures

Holders and Lectures

Whether it’s been travelling the length of the Ganges, hunting porcupines in Botswana, climbing unclaimed peaks in Greenland, exploring the wilds of Central Asia or kayaking thousands of miles, Wallace’s award holders have done it.


2002        Helen Asquith (Prentice)                         Mountaineering season in the Alps

2003        Nicholas Green                                           Cycling the Camino de Santiago off-road

2004        Una Galani                                                   A solo journey along the length of the Ganges

Pete Hesketh and Dan Kondziela        Expedition to mountains & Arctic region of Norway

2005        Sallie Burrough                                           Mt Bation, Mt Kilimanjaro & Lewa Downs marathon

2006        Rachel Roberts (Brettell)                         Exploring Mongolia

Christian Toennesen                                Mountaineering expedition to East Greenland

2007        Witold Czartoryski                                    Biking to Lomé

Tim Motz                                                     Exploring Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

2008        Dúnlaith Bird                                               On the trail of Isabella Bird in Japan

2009        Laura Nellums                                            Exploring women’s health in mountain villages of Nepal

Tim Motz                                                     Recording music of the Mönpa tribe, Arunachal Pradesh

2010        Wills Cannell-Smith                                  Cycling the Alps and Pyrenees from Vienna to the Atlantic

2011        Thom Mallon                                              A journey through American military campaigns in Asia

2012        James Black                                                50 Scottish Munros – a lone month in the Highlands

2013        Myles Karp                                                  Hunting down the Gros Michel banana in Central America

2014        Tom Gaisford                                              Walking the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe

Dylan Lynch and Jack Hampton           Kayaking from Helsinki to Oslo

2015        Tom Joy                                                        Traversing the high Pyrenees

2016        Angus Young                                              Solo cycle from Bishkek to Ulaanbaatar

Will Hartz                                                     Retracing 1923 Oxford Expedition crossing of Spitsbergen


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